Merrit Jones

Founder/ Executive Director

Merrit Jones is a recent graduate of River Bluff High School in Lexington, SC and is currently taking a gap year. She  founded Student Space when she noticed disparities among South Carolina schools and the lack of students in the conversation around how to improve them. Merrit believes that one must always dare greatly and be the person “in the arena,” as the great Theodore Roosevelt said, to affect real change. When she's not fighting in the education arena, you can find her cooking, doing yoga, or listening to a podcast.

Kayla Prevatte

Field Director

Kayla is a freshman majoring in elementary education. She is a native of West Columbia and attended schools both Lexington 1 and 2 school districts. She's an active member at Trinity Baptist and volunteers with our preschool and youth ministries. She is passionate about fill the gap in education and Is excited about giving Students a voice to students! 

Kevin Rabinovich

Senior Advisor

Kevin Rabinovich works in the intersections of youth, ideas, technology, and design; he is the director of TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC, South Carolina’s by-youth, for-youth conference, and founder of CodeDay Columbia, a 24-hour programming event for high school students. His passion for showing the world the power of youth led him to joining Student Space